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Smart Irrigation System for TI-84 Plus CE (OS 5.3 and above)

Smart Irrigation System for TI-84 Plus CE (OS 5.3 and above)

Texas Instruments Inc.

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This is an integrated STEM project that challenges students to build an irrigation system. Students will learn and use concepts in computer science, environmental science and engineering.


Conserve Water

Design a system that optimizes the use of water for growing plants


 Students create a system that monitors humidity, temperature, soil moisture, and light to control an irrigation pump.

Water Cycle
Soil Composition
Interpreting Graphs
Power Control System
Coding Concepts
  Conditional Statements


Project Resources

Download Teacher Document  PDF  link    Word Doc  link

Download Student Document  PDF  link    Word Doc  link

Download Zipped file of TI-84 Plus CE .8XP program files for all project challenges link

Download TI-84 Plus CE program .8XP file for the project Final Challenge link

Download TI-84 Plus CE program .8XP file to calibrate pump link



Display Image of example Smart Irrigation System Project link

Display Image of TI-Innovator Hub set-up diagram for Smart Irrigation Project link


Learn to do the project yourself

Download Learn to do the project PDF link


Setting up

NEW September 2019: Update your TI-84 Plus CE, TI SmartView CE emulator software and TI-Innovator sketch link

Download a tutorial on using the TI Connect CE software for program editing and transferring files to and from your calculator  PDF link  


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Contact stem-team@ti.com with questions or comments.

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